Women dating blue collar

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It’s as if we don’t have anything to say worth listening to, no romantic aspirations or thoughts of our own…no interesting lives led to be mentioned.

I for one will pass on that kind of Noblese Oblige, thank you very much.Two, not all Sistas feel that they are slumming it or dating/mating/marrying down when paired off with a Blue Collar Brotha.And three, as many Sistas rightly assert, not all Blue Collar Brothas are the salt of the proverbial earth – many do indeed have problems, ranging from Baby Mama Drama, to drug, alcohol, mental and emotional problems, to anger management issues, poor money managing skills, you name it.Again, I’m not going to sit here and act as though fellas from the Blue Collar ranks can do no wrong – quite the opposite in fact.I’m just saying that, like anything or anyone else when it comes to these kinds of things, traits and qualities run on a distribution spectrum; or to put it another trite way, there’s good and bad in everyone.

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But even then, only if we’re showing the proper amount of reverence and awe in their sight, dontcha know.

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