Updating to intrepid

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Updating to intrepid

However even after (quite long after) releasing Ooo 3.0.0 I couldn't get update for Open Office through synaptic. OS: UBUNTU 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)Kernel: 2.6.27-3-rt Date: March 29th, 2009Hey everyone, Well have you seen Ooo 3.0.x, It completely rocks, I mean with Ooo 2.4.1 I had too many issues like completely killing my system resources: I don't know about everyone but 2.4.1 was obviously too heavy on my system - it used to make everything run in slow motion, sometimes completely hang up.

However, you only want to change ones that are similar to these.

This way, you will download any needed files from a closer and supposedly faster source.

Either do an auto-check: System - Select Best Server (It’ll run a couple hundred tests (takes less than five minutes) and select the best mirror for you.

Once installed type the following: Now you are looking at the file for Ubuntu; this specifies which servers to contact for updates and new programs.

You should see a bunch of lines that look similar to this: where **mirror-address** is the address of the mirror you chose earlier.

updating to intrepid-81updating to intrepid-23updating to intrepid-86

If it can’t download the file via Bit Torrent, however, it will revert to http download.

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