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No pay teen sex chat

The correspondent noted that there is even a 'boy genius' in China who is trying to find a gene to that correlates to intelligence.She added that the research has huge potential to cure diseases and help humans evolve.With over 50,000 registered models, we have more girls than any other live adult cam site on the net. Come signup and start your sex chat with one of our hotties for free.

The Los Angeles couple reveal that they also chose to have sex selection.'They felt quite strongly that they both wanted a girl,' she added.At the National Research Center for Mutant Mice in Nanjing, China, CRISPR technology is now being used to edit the genes of mice in an effort to isolate desired traits, and the facility can hold up to 450,000 mice.Isobel said that the lab is testing mice for everything from the jet lag gene, which regulates sleep and wake rhythms, to obesity and diabetes.'When you think of it on a micro level, on a personal level, it is pretty exciting that in the future there is that possibility to just snip out that gene, which could mean that your kids wouldn't be having this terrible disease,' she said.However, Isobel noted that all of the scientists she spoke with were in agreement that this isn't something that is going to happen in the next few years as there is still much to learn about human DNA.

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Shockingly easy: This graphic shows how the CRISPR technique works by 'cutting open' a DNA's double helix in order to delete a certain section of DNA, or add a new section, fundamentally 'editing' it 'The whole eugenics debate came up a lot, and that is scary because given history and given the fact that there will be people who choose blue-eyed, blonde-haired dolls,' Isobel said.

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