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Gay gamers dating site

Our keen agility or the fact our periods attract bears?

' Jezzeka Duma loves gaming and doesn't let sexist remarks put her off.

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They can say "you're a girl you shouldn't be playing games".'Call Of Duty I have found to be the worst but in League Of Legends for example I have been playing that for three years with an obviously female name and I have only ever received one comment about my gender.'She added: 'It is very easy to avoid negative comments.

In a new documentary for BBC Three, which looks as the rise of female gamers, which now account for almost half the market, developers and technology journalists reveal how sexism is rife in what was once a male-dominated industry.

Brianna Wu, 37, a Mississippi-born video game developer who blogs about her experiences, told BBC Three the abuse she gets online is so prolific she has had to hire an employee to deal with the trolls.

'We are talking about a very small number of boys/men who make these comments.

There is a huge difference between outright misogynists and the other category which is men/boys who are simply a bit clueless and think that it's acceptable to speak to women in this way. Australian writer and presenter Alanah Pearce, who has more than 92,000 followers on Instagram and now lives in San Francisco, said it is often boys and young men who troll her and she's found a good way to deal with them - telling their mums.'Every game was focused on that fact I was a girl.

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