Funny plays about dating who is roy williams dating

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Funny plays about dating

You don't have to have a show about Tinder to understand the peculiar cocktail of cynicism, hope and vulnerability mixing in the stomach of any 40-something in a singles bar — or suffering the kind fix-'em-up ministrations of a relative or friend. And as I sat there Sunday evening, having not seen this play in more years than I care to write, I was struck by how it's also a tellingly transitional work that lands between the sensualist 1970s and the neo-moralism of the 1980s. Carle, a stellar match for De Faria's machinations on the other side).

"Chapter Two" is about relationships and affairs (both can be second chapters, in their way), but it's also about one of the other chronic, unspoken fears of middle-age daters — that their cultural moment, and dating always involves culture, is expiring faster than milk in their refrigerator."Chapter Two" revolves around a central couple — George Schneider (Brian Mc Caskill) and Jennie Malone (Amy Rubenstein). Leo and Faye try to fix up George (still grieving) and Jennie (still hoping) and things go from there.

The central couple struggles a bit more, although, to his credit, Mc Caskill, clearly has decided to treat his character as a man in a drama struggling with sorrows of the past, not the lead in a Simon comedy.

Rubenstein is the artistic director, and co-developer, of the Windy City Playhouse.

She is doing a great service to the city with this theater.

Especially if you're in or near the 'hood — and double-especially if you're on a later-in-life date, you'll likely enjoy yourself.

REVIEW: "Chapter Two" at Windy City Playhouse - 2.5 stars When: Through Dec.

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That said, there is much to like in "Chapter Two," which is a very commercial comedy with plenty of laughs and more profundity than you might anticipate.