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Reflecting on the shocking actions they were forced to endure, Dawn said: 'It got pretty bad on some occasions, I mean there's the big, open, ignorant, cowardly attacks that are things like excrement on your door.''We had that,' she revealed.

'We had words scratched into every panel of every car - very offensive, derogatory, racist terminology.'Dawn continued: 'That took me more by surprise because it's everywhere and only when you're married to a black man do you think, "Oh hang on, that guy just said that and thought it was OK to say."'It's not the first time Dawn has spoke out of the treatment she and Henry received during their long-term marriage, as she revealed the ex-couple nearly had their house burnt down.

But the fact is that while things might look like they are getting better, if you scratch the surface there is still a long way to go.'The gender pay gap still persists, and the people who make TV programmes are still far from diverse.

I believe that if we want to change our industry we must look beyond what we see on our TV screens and fix the bigger problems lying beneath.

But although that was hugely disappointing and shocking, you have to get past it.' Dawn explained that somebody had put an 'oily rag' through the front door of the house she shared with Henry in an attempt to set fire to it.

'We were lucky, we had a big house and a gate, and could employ people to protect us when we needed it." I fell in love with a man and he happened to be black and we adopted a mixed-race daughter.I only realised it was an issue when there was hatred from utter t***s.'I had to attend to it when people tried to burn our house down and left s**t on the door.'When it comes to racial diversity that means looking at who commissions and makes the programmes.' Campaigning: More recently, in August of this year, he had urged Ofcom to impose diversity targets with the BBC, whom he has worked closely with over the years, following the publication of its annual top earners in July showing racial disparities His comments came after Ofcom did not force the BBC to increase its racial diversity within the workplace.An Ofcom spokesperson said in response to Henry's comments: 'We completely agree with Sir Lenny that diversity must increase across the industry.

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Lots of mixed-race couples weren't so lucky,' she said on reflection.

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