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Nigeria's national flag, believed to have been designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi—a Nigerian student in London, consists of a field of green, white, and green, divided into three equal parts.

Green represents the agricultural richness of the nation, while the white stands for unity and peace.

Gowon proposed to abolish the regions of Nigeria and replace them with 12 states.

Intermarriages flourished among the various groups. One of the most prosperous trades even before the arrival of the Europeans was the slave trade.

It was common practice in many African civilizations to sell war captives, delinquent children, and the handicapped; and Nigeria was no exception.

The November 1991 population census put Nigeria's population at 88,514,501.

Nigeria's population is extremely diverse—more than 250 ethnic groups are identified.

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He started a popular purging of the members of the previous government and announced a return of the country to civilian rule.

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