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Marking an all-time record for the aquarium’s wildlife rehabilitation team, the aquarium took in more than a third of sea turtles recovered in Texas’ recent cold snap.

Since the beginning of the year, the Texas State Aquarium has admitted and cared for nearly 800 cold-stunned sea turtles, releasing more than 700 sea turtles back into their natural habitat.

If you or someone you know has been affected by severe depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder or even chronic pain syndrome, there is a new up-and-coming way to treat these disorders.

The doctors at Kalypso Wellness Centers have developed innovative treatments that could end needless suffering by simply using Ketamine.

Islander mens will now head to New Orleans for their Saturday match-up against the New Orleans Privateers, tip ...

A pair of local businessmen want to make Corpus Christi's Sports, Entertainment, and Arts District a premier entertainment destination venue.

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“It’s just waiting and not knowing, and the more I haven’t heard from them — we have to find them,” said Kelly Weimer.

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