Dating fsm meet site

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Dating fsm meet site

Fire Safety Managers who had already attended the 1st run need not register as you WILL NOT be given another 10 CPD points for attending the 2nd run.Topics presented are the same as the 1 Run FSM Briefing 2017 will open on 4 September 2017 at 8am. view=eventdetails&cid=64 for electronic registration. The payment for the FSM briefing is by credit card.Engagement of a Fire Safety Manager will help owners of buildings prevent substantial monetary and life losses resulting from fires.

Since 13 April 2007, all qualified FSMs holding the relevant FSM qualification need to register with SCDF through the e-FSM Portal to be certified.

Building owners are advised to use Internet Explorer (IE) browser when accessing the e-FSM portal, The Portal runs on Internet Explorer (IE) version 7 and if you are using IE of higher version, you would need to perform compatibility setting to the browser as per the link below: All Public or Industrial Buildings which satisfy any of the following conditions are required to appoint a Senior Fire Safety Manager: a.

that has an occupant load of 5,000 persons or more and — (i) that is of 31 storeys or more (including any basement) in height; (ii) that has a gross floor area of 50,000 square metres or more; or (iii) that has a basement storey with a floor area of 10,000 square meters or more; or b.

The CPD program may be organised by the SCDF or other organisations in the form of refresher courses, workshops, seminars or dialogues and briefings.

However, such activities must be accredited by the SCDF and allocated with points.

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