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Comedyclubdating com

Featured Image Source: Flickr Whether you are new to San Diego, or know the city like the back of your hand, everyone can benefit from some creative date ideas!

If you have a special someone in your life, spoil them with one of the inventive date ideas listed here. It’s safe to say that very few are immune to craving a fun drink, and even less are immune to chocolate.

When: Every Monday Cost: Free This relatively new nightlife spot in Old Town has a lot to offer.

Tons of games, a dozen televisions, a list of craft brews half a mile long, and damn good pub fare. The ever-industrious Josh Nelson runs a weekly show here to make Monday sting a little bit less.

Thankfully, there's a vibrant underground comedy scene where laughs can be had for dirt cheap, and often free.

So if bars, coffee shops and a revolving cast of semi- or full-genius weirdos sound like your cup of Pabst, keep reading to find a showcase close to you.

No Kevin Hart pyrotechnics here, just a fun show in a slightly unusual context. When: Every Saturday Cost: Free If you're in the market for laughs and want to bring your kids, or your friend with sensitive eardrums, this is a totally clean comedy show that happens every week.

With bulletproof lineups, a raucous atmosphere, and a great location, it's hard to find reasons not to go. When: Every Tuesday Cost: Free Having run for years, this is about as consistently fine a show as you can ever hope to see outside of a major club.

Treat your date to a few hours of indulgence, by putting both on the menu.

First, pick your favorite “tasting” class, hosted by Dallman Fine Chocolates.

The high-ceilinged, gritty music space is an unlikely spot for comedians to spin yarns, but it works.

The last Monday of every month, the Ken' hosts Lights Out, a combination of stand-up and sketch comedy.

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Held in a small performance space next door to a coffee shop, it hits all the right notes and none of the wrong ones.

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