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The right side of the tag will have the union bug mark followed by an number 80. This vintage clothing tags of this type illustrate a sewing machine in the center, without scissors and a new layout for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America text.

The red numbering will be on left of the tag and a "copyright 1949" will be on the right of the tag followed by a series code consisting of 3 letters.

At it's inception the CIO was not a rival of the AFL, but a part of the AFL that was focused on organizing labor in the mass production industries along industrial lines rather the by craft, skill, or trade.

Other AFL leaders were opposed to organizing labor in this manner and in September, 1936 the eight founding unions including the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America and two additional affiliates that joined the CIO were suspended from the AFL.

The vintage tag shown to the left illustrates the union's sewing machine symbol and scissors in the center of a diamond with red numbering across the center of this tag.

The left side of the tag will read " Union Made" on the first line and either "Work Clothes", "Suit", or "Garment" on the second line.

In 1935, while still leading the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America and a member of the AFL, Sidney Hillman founded the Committee of Industrial Organizing (CIO) with the leaders of seven other AFL affiliate unions.The lower left corner of the tag underneath the "Workers of" will read copyright 1934 by ACW of A. The 1939 vintage label is identical to the 1934 issued tag.It has all the same features listed above except a new copyright date of 1939 followed by ACW of A.This is especially important when dating vintage suits, because often vintage suits would have the alteration alteration date marked on a separate tag within the suit.The date on the alteration tag can only be after the date of the ACWA tag and any garment that is not so can not be an authentic vintage garment.

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The union membership feeling that the union leadership did not reach a fair settlement on rejected the offer and continued striking.

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